PHOTOWELL | Photo initiated acrylate adhesives: fast curing – highest performance

Fast curing – highest performance 

PHOTOWELL adhesives are single component, solvent-free photoinitiated free radical cure systems which offer very resistant and durable adhesive bonds – and even in a matter of seconds. 

The curing process is initiated by radiation with either UV or visible light on demand - once the assembly is ready to be completed the adhesive almost instantly cures as soon as it is being irradiated with the UV/Light source. 

Secondary cure chemistries can be combined with the free radical UV-cure in order to gain more design freedom. With the secondary cure liquid adhesive in shadow zones can either be cured with heat or if metals and small gaps are involved with the anaerobic cure at ambient temperature. 

The following benefits of PHOTOWELL adhesives can be highlighted:
  • Instant cure upon UV/Light irradiation
  • In shadow zones the adhesives can be cured with a secondary cure mechanism
  • The adhesion is generally very good on a variety of substrates
  • The mechanical properties can be designed from very flexible/elastic to very strong and tough
  • Different colours are possible from highly transparent to black
  • Very durable and weatherproof systems are available
  • Gastight systems are available
  • Highly flexible, non-embrittling systems with a service temperature of 150°C are availableSystems with a very high chemical resistance are available
  • Toxic-monomer-free systems with a high adhesion on PC and PMMA are available
  • For fast inline encapsulation, potting, sealing and bonding processes in the medical, glass, automotive, electronic or optoelectronic industry
  • Proven performance and quality of more than 10 years
  • Broad customer/application experience
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Typical applications:

Plastics Bonding


Medical Disposables