UV/Light and/or thermal curing Epoxy-based adhesives

CATIOWELL products are single-component, solvent-free, based on epoxy chemistry and cure due to a cationic reaction, which means that the curing process is initiated by radiation with UV or visible light activating photo initiators within the adhesive.

Once activated, the polymerisation process continues in the dark. Specific CATIOWELL products can also be cured with low temperatures only or in a combination of UV with heat activation

CATIOWELL products can be characterised as follows:

  • Fast cure response upon UV or visible light irradiation

  • Pre-activation possible with certain formulations

  • No oxygen inhibition, tack-free surface

  • Secondary cure for shadow zones available

  • High cohesion strength, high TG, good adhesion on difficult substrates like LCP, Gold, PEEK

  • Mechanical properties adjustable from flexible to tough and strong

  • High temperature resistance, low outgassing

  • Low shrinkage, very good durability

  • High ion purity

For fast inline encapsulation, potting, sealing and bonding processes in the automotiveelectronic or optoelectronic industry

Products free of Heavy-metals available

We have over 10 years experience and thus a broad customer and application experience.

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Typical applications:

Optical Lens Assembly


Electronic Guard